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[13 Jun 2007|07:33am]
poisoned_skin = ghoulxfiend
add me there.
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Promotions. [11 Feb 2007|03:21pm]
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[20 Sep 2006|03:13pm]
You know, its really sad that someone must weight about 90 pounds to be concidered attractive.
I feel really bad for the people that are like 190 or 290 or even bigger. I mean shit. This society is fucked up.I guess you can say I'm in one of those moods where I hate myself and everyone that makes it hard to feel good about myself. I don't understand how people can have so much confidence when they know the world doesn't view them as good enough. I think that might be my problem, but I don't think I will be able to get over it, and I am scared of what this does to me mentally. I have already given up so much to get what I want and I got nothing in return. I want to puke when I think about it all. I have started beating myself up about this and its ridiculous. I will be going to the gym every day at this rate and not eating anything but salad and drinking water, and when I kill my organs and my bones from malnutrition, it will be ok because I am beautiful in the eyes of a society that could careless if I lived or died. This is the way we live. Isn't it pathetic. I mean shit. If I wasn't good at makeup or hair and didn't have piercings or anything I would be hideous to the people I want to impress, and hell I still am even though I do have all of those things under my belt. I hate feeling like this. To top it all off I have to get clothes for work, and well that is not going to help me feel any fucking better. :/ Oh well. *shrug*

Now that I am finished with that.
I saw my first penis yesterday.
Well it was the first in the photo lab.
We got to tell some chick that she couldn't have her picture of it. haha.
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Pictures. [20 Sep 2006|11:08am]
I haven't had time in the past week to do crazy makeup, so these are boring.
Sorry guys. I don't know if my job will allow bright makeup or not.
I will find out eventually. Hopefully I can wear my bright makeup.
Until then here are these from before work or after work when I don't have any makeup on. haha.

I am also going to try to get some pictures today. We will see. I got a haircut. woohoo. :D

im bringin' sexy backCollapse )
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Pictures. [11 Sep 2006|07:36pm]
new hair colorCollapse )
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Jones Soda Entries [07 Sep 2006|11:10am]
I LOOOOOVE this soda, so I decided to try to get my photo on the bottle.

Please vote for one of my pieces. :)
Click on the picture to vote for it.
Sorry there are so many. :/

Jones Soda = GodCollapse )
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[31 Aug 2006|04:38pm]
New makeup has made me go crazy. haha

halloween [+17]Collapse )
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Pictures. [29 Aug 2006|08:49am]
So, my birthday party was fun.
Minus the cops showing up and everyone being drunk, but apparently the cops didn't care. hah.
OH and everyone being loud as fuck when I was trying to sober up, because I was about to have a panic attack because of the cops showing up. lol.
Not to mention certain people breaking the rule of no fucking sex. Shit dude.
Here are the past three looks I've done. [The rainbow was from today. :) With my new awesome makeup. hah!]

where is my mind?Collapse )
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Pictures. [18 Aug 2006|11:08am]
Yea. I decided it would be a good idea to stab myself last night. I got to spend like 2 hours in the ER.

stab woundCollapse )
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[15 Aug 2006|01:55pm]
I love it when life decides to shit on me.

+7Collapse )
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[11 Aug 2006|03:22pm]
I have come to the conclusion.
That I hate everyone and everything after they get too close and dependent on me.
I suck at life.
I am pathetic.
I feel like I am going through my teenage angst year, FINALLY.
I don't like the feeling that comes to me when you say something that doesn't hit me right.
I wish I was open enough to explain what I am thinking and why I react the way I do.
Too much.
Too fast.
Too soon.
Not like you care.

Anyone got a shotgun?
I promise I'll clean up after myself.
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Pictures. [09 Aug 2006|04:34pm]

My hair now rocks all ass.
It is hot pink and dark brown [pretty much black.]
It is also minding me for once. haha.

+ 18Collapse )

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Pictures. [07 Aug 2006|12:39pm]
I'm still getting shit all situated with school.
I have been informed that people have been stealing my eyes. hahaha.
So I made a collage of all my looks so far this year, with all my info and stuff.

I'm sure to find love under angel wingsCollapse )
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[04 Aug 2006|06:19pm]
I finally fucking graduate.
Thank god.
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[31 Jul 2006|03:06pm]
You'd all fit in perfectly in my new comm. :D

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Pictures. [31 Jul 2006|11:09am]
To handle my anger and whatnot,
I went and got my nose pierced. haha.

Fuck the haters...Collapse )
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F.Y.fucking.I [31 Jul 2006|08:50am]
This journal is for...
Pictures, tutorials, and other stupid shit
That is why it doesn't have anything else in it.

I also love how immature people can be.
Sorry, you suck at makeup and I'm not that bad at it.
Don't start shit over it.
I love how I got "called out" on some lame ass site, that's full of jealous 14 year olds.
The lame ass site. You should check to see if you are on it, too.

I understand this is the internet, and they need to understand it, too.
I could give a fuck-less what they have to say about me.
This IS NOT my life.
Sorry, it seems to be all they have going for them.
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Pictures. [27 Jul 2006|08:18pm]

You're soooo vain.

blackCollapse )
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Pictures. [11 Jul 2006|07:27pm]
weekend and blue/blackCollapse )
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Pictures. [03 Jul 2006|07:54pm]

I wanted to try that "scene" tons of heavy eyeliner thing, yea it was a pain in the ass. haha.
So, I adjusted it to the normal black shadow. hah.

blackCollapse )

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